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I’m now a contributor at the long-running art/design blog OkGreat. You can see my posts here. Of course I will still be posting here at Labor&Curse, so don’t fret.


A plethora (yeah, that’s right: PLETHORA) of inspiring work coming out of Barcelona’s Toormix.

Schaffter Sahli

Geneva-based studio Schaffter Sahli has a portfolio full of beautiful cultural institution-focused work.
By relating to the ambitions of our clients and associates the studio is able to achieve a level of design where the form of message and its communicative content intertwine tightly.
I can dig it.


Some solid identity work coming out of Australia’s SouthSouthWest design studio.

Markus Amm

markus amm

markus amm

markus amm

Markus Amm is a German artist working in Berlin.

Prill Vieceli Cremers

Zurich-based studio Prill Vieceli Cremers have a portfolio full of wonderful poster and book design. There’s a lot to look through, so get to it.


Rumors, a Brooklyn-based studio, cranks out great work for the likes of Verso books (two great examples above from a whole series that uses a “rigid palette of line and type”), Bidoun magazine (see above), and the now defunct ReadyMade magazine. They sure do have good thing going.


From the Netherlands comes Dietwee with a portfolio full of inspiring work.

Conor & David

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Conor & David have a solid portfolio of thoughtful, superbly-executed work. I love the simplicity of the mark they created for the Architecture Tours Ireland.

Peter & Paul

Love this identity by Sheffield-based Peter&Paul for The Architecture Foundation.

I Like Birds

I Like Birds from Hamburg, Germany got in touch recently to point me to their portfolio. I love the playful experimentation they’ve got going on. Great work.

Hassan Massoudy

Considered by some as the “greatest living calligrapher”, the work of Hassan Massoudy is downright beautiful.

“When I think my gesture is just right the interior conflict ceases, even if that sensation only lasts a few minutes. It is a moment of joy when the alphabet is no longer an instrument of logic but an attitude of writing, a pure sensation that can easily come into contact with the poet, who has probably been through the same process. This calligraphy reflects my vision of the world, it has become the desire that the world should be thus, with a new harmony and new freedom.”
- Hassan Massoudy

View more of his work here and here.

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