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Prill Vieceli Cremers

Zurich-based studio Prill Vieceli Cremers have a portfolio full of wonderful poster and book design. There’s a lot to look through, so get to it.


Rumors, a Brooklyn-based studio, cranks out great work for the likes of Verso books (two great examples above from a whole series that uses a “rigid palette of line and type”), Bidoun magazine (see above), and the now defunct ReadyMade magazine. They sure do have good thing going.

You know how to read—

I’ve been slowly making my way through the I Read Where I Am site, which features essays on the future of reading by the likes of Ellen Lupton, Erik Spiekermann, James Bridle, among many others.

Also of note is The Autonomy Project newspaper, which is an “international collaboration between art/education/research institutes and organisations, practitioners and thinkers… (that) seeks to redefine and redress the issues around autonomy in the fields of art, design, theory and cultural policy today.”

You can download issue #1 here

And issue #2 here


GVA Studio

The work of Geneva-based GVA Studio has got me all a-tremblin’ with joy. Above is a just a tiny sampling of their work… how great is that PhotoRotation logo? Oh, it’s great.

Daniel Higgs

I recently procured another hefty dose of Higgsian joy in the form of Soundscreen Design’s Artist Music Journal No. 3. Comprised of photographed-to-scale works from his notebooks and archives, this journal is a must have for those of us who appreciate not only Higgs’ vast aural output, but also his poetry and tattoo art. Pretend that you can pretend to understand and just order it.

Carine Collin

Carine Collin from Belgium got in touch to share her beautifully minimal publication work. Also of note are her drawings. While her site is a bit clumsy navigation-wise, it is definitely worth checking out!

Unimark International Book

I’m looking forward to the early November release of Jan Conradi’s new book on the history of Unimark International, from Lars Müller Publishers.

(See earlier post)

Book Worship

Book Worship is a new site by graphic designer Shawn Hazen that features his growing collection of books from the 50s, 60s and 70s. I actually need the book pictured above, and not just because it looks great!

via @alvinmartinez


Very nice collection of print work by design studio Annis, based in Copenhagen. (Top photo: Cover of “Interrupted Game”; Bottom photo: Spread from SUM magazine)

Experimental Jetset

New work from Experimental Jetset for the Heimo Zobernig exhibition in France.

Stadt Alphabet Wien

When in Austria last month, my friend Milica presented me with this awesome book of typographic goodness from around Vienna: Stadt Alphabet Wien, by Martin Ulrich Kehrer. You can see more photos here…

Old Man Winter by JT Yost

My good friend JT Yost sent me a few copies of his just-published 56 page comic “Old Man Winter & Other Sordid Tales”. Visit his blog and BirdCageBottomBooks (whose logo I happily designed) for more info… Great job, Yost!

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