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From the Netherlands comes Dietwee with a portfolio full of inspiring work.

Latest work from so+ba

I’ve been a fan of so+ba since I discovered their work a little over a year ago. Now that they’ve updated their site, it’s nice to know a little more info about them:

“susanna baer and alex sonderegger were born in switzerland. they started their design studio so+ba, in tokyo in 2001. with their experiences in graphic design and advertising in switzerland and japan, as well as a good understanding of the two very different cultures, cross-cultural communication is one of the strength and the focus of so+ba.”

Above is work they did for the Swiss Design Symposium back in November 2010, as well as a couple of posters for Zou-no-Hana, a center for cultural exchange.

New(ish) work from League

I hadn’t checked out League in awhile (view archived post), so it was nice to see all of the great new work in their portfolio.


Wow… some really great work from Brazilian studio Quadradão. Be sure to download their portfolio pdf, too.

Soulellis Studio

Wow… not sure how I’ve missed seeing the work of Soulellis Studio before. I don’t think I need to get into why exactly I’m posting their work. It must be nice to work on a project as large as the Cornell College of Architecture, Art and Planning. Good, good stuff.

Area 22/ Sonia Chan

Some very nice work from San Francisco-based designer Sonia Chan. All of the work is beautifully minimal and highly refined… though I wish there were some notes about the work (such as the logos presented above).


Excellent work from Dublin-based studio Swollen.

Roberto Mollá

Spanish artist Roberto Mollá‘s work is simply incredible. Using grid paper as the foundation, his exploration of space sets up a “multi-dimensional world – which allows our minds to grasp what time might look like if it is layered rather than linear, or how space might appear if dimensions existed one upon the other”(via whitewall). Urban Omnibus has a great interview with Mollá that is well worth the read.


Stunning work by Method for the 2006 San Francisco International Film Festival. Take a look around their beautifully-crafted site… there is whole lotta stuff to see and read.

Processed Identity

I was asked to contribute a process study on the logo I designed for Track House to the site, which HOW magazine recently named a Top 10 site for designers.

Helmut Schmid

Helmut Schmid is an Austrian designer who studied under Emil Ruder and Kurt Hauert, among other notable Swiss designers. The “Schmid Today” project is an exhibition, an archive, and book. A ton of incredible work is featured on the archive, so settle in and enjoy.


Not much information on this “Swiss made in Japan” studio so+ba, but that’s okay, because it won’t stop me from gawking at their work.

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