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A plethora (yeah, that’s right: PLETHORA) of inspiring work coming out of Barcelona’s Toormix.

Schaffter Sahli

Geneva-based studio Schaffter Sahli has a portfolio full of beautiful cultural institution-focused work.
By relating to the ambitions of our clients and associates the studio is able to achieve a level of design where the form of message and its communicative content intertwine tightly.
I can dig it.


Some solid identity work coming out of Australia’s SouthSouthWest design studio.


From the Netherlands comes Dietwee with a portfolio full of inspiring work.

Conor & David

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Conor & David have a solid portfolio of thoughtful, superbly-executed work. I love the simplicity of the mark they created for the Architecture Tours Ireland.

Peter & Paul

Love this identity by Sheffield-based Peter&Paul for The Architecture Foundation.


Some solid work coming from Tabula, a Philadelphia-based studio. And David Wolf (one of the partners) is a fellow UArts alum, so that’s cool, too.

New(ish) work from League

I hadn’t checked out League in awhile (view archived post), so it was nice to see all of the great new work in their portfolio.

GVA Studio

The work of Geneva-based GVA Studio has got me all a-tremblin’ with joy. Above is a just a tiny sampling of their work… how great is that PhotoRotation logo? Oh, it’s great.


Brooklyn-based Fangohr not only has a portfolio full of thoughtfully executed projects, but they have a beautiful site to match. Command-D, my friends, Command-D.


Chillingly stunning work from Oslo, Norway’s Neue. Read about their identity work to promote tourism for two municipalities in Norway (called Visit Nordkyn) at Brand New. Great stuff, indeed.


Wow, Norway’s Grandpeople have a ton of great work showcased on their new site. Be sure to dig through their archive, too.

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