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Some News—

I’m now a contributor at the long-running art/design blog OkGreat. You can see my posts here. Of course I will still be posting here at Labor&Curse, so don’t fret.

Nakano Design Office

A very small sampling of the incredible work coming from Nakano Design Office to end the work week right.


I’ve been threatening people left and right that I was going to move Labor&Curse to WordPress… and now I have. So far, I have updated the last 40 or so posts. The remaining 110 or so posts will be done as I have the time. Now, spread the word!

Quick note

Labor&Curse now has a separate Twitter account— @laborcurse and a Facebook page (where I will be posting other things besides what appears here)—


I’ve been busy, hence a lack of new posts on Labor&Curse. Soon, though!


Ah, the joys of minor milestones. Thanks to all of you who continue to read Labor&Curse… leave a comment to let me know you are out there! Oh, and follow me on Twitter if you haven’t already. Keep on keepin’ on–

Stay tuned!

So, I just graduated, moved to Chapel Hill, and will be spending the next 6 weeks in Belgrade, Serbia… I will post from time to time while there, so keep checking back! Cheers!

New blog!

So, I will be shifting all of my personal graphic design work posts over to my new blog.
Labor+Curse will remain intact, and it is where I will start posting stuff that I like, work from friends, etc.
Keep on keepin’ on.


break:arrival:work,some:plans:planned:continuations, really–


a drawing (pen and ink) of the stairway in our apartment.

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