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Schaffter Sahli

Geneva-based studio Schaffter Sahli has a portfolio full of beautiful cultural institution-focused work.
By relating to the ambitions of our clients and associates the studio is able to achieve a level of design where the form of message and its communicative content intertwine tightly.
I can dig it.

Latest work from so+ba

I’ve been a fan of so+ba since I discovered their work a little over a year ago. Now that they’ve updated their site, it’s nice to know a little more info about them:

“susanna baer and alex sonderegger were born in switzerland. they started their design studio so+ba, in tokyo in 2001. with their experiences in graphic design and advertising in switzerland and japan, as well as a good understanding of the two very different cultures, cross-cultural communication is one of the strength and the focus of so+ba.”

Above is work they did for the Swiss Design Symposium back in November 2010, as well as a couple of posters for Zou-no-Hana, a center for cultural exchange.

GVA Studio

The work of Geneva-based GVA Studio has got me all a-tremblin’ with joy. Above is a just a tiny sampling of their work… how great is that PhotoRotation logo? Oh, it’s great.

Helmut Schmid

Helmut Schmid is an Austrian designer who studied under Emil Ruder and Kurt Hauert, among other notable Swiss designers. The “Schmid Today” project is an exhibition, an archive, and book. A ton of incredible work is featured on the archive, so settle in and enjoy.


Barcelona-based Bisgràfic has a portfolio of beautifully minimal design work. Along with the projects pictured above, I really love this logo for Waterfilter.


Some beautiful posters by Swiss studio League. Be sure to check out their type design, too.
(Discovered via OriginalLinkage)

New work from Notter+Vigne

Looks like Notter+Vigne (who I featured here before) have a new site up, with some new work as well. Not really a fan of the navigation, as it takes a bit of effort just to browse through the projects, but the work is top notch, as always.

William Longhauser

From his site:
William Longhauser received a BFA degree in graphic design from the College of Design, Art, and Architecture at the University of Cincinnati, and an MFA in design from Indiana University. He has also  completed two years of post-graduate study at the School of Design, in Basel, Switzerland. Before moving to Los Angeles in June, 2000, he was a tenured professor at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, where he taught in the graphic design department since 1977 and was chairman of the department for three years.”

His site has a ton of incredible work, so prepare to spend some time!

Gavillet & Rust

Some pristine (yeah, that’s right!) work from Geneva, Switzerland’s Gavillet&Rust. They are also the ones behind Optimo, the type foundry responsible for Dada Grotesk.


CCRZ is an Italian/Swiss studio that has a pretty incredible collection of work on their site. One for the bookmarks, kids.

Hans-Ulrich Allemann

To celebrate the 65th birthday of the always inspiring Hans Allemann, I am posting a few links to his work, as well as an excellent interview by David Oberholtzer over at VisualCulture.

Here is a brief bio and small archive of his work

PDF of a 2005 article in Print Magazine, entitled “Bits and Pieces of Basel”
Happy Birthday, Hans!
(photo above from Hans’ birthday party tonight at UArts)

Edit: Images celebrating Hans’ career… / video from the party

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