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I’ve been slowly making my way through the I Read Where I Am site, which features essays on the future of reading by the likes of Ellen Lupton, Erik Spiekermann, James Bridle, among many others.

Also of note is The Autonomy Project newspaper, which is an “international collaboration between art/education/research institutes and organisations, practitioners and thinkers… (that) seeks to redefine and redress the issues around autonomy in the fields of art, design, theory and cultural policy today.”

You can download issue #1 here

And issue #2 here


Paul Pagk

I’m eager to learn more about the work of New York-based artist Paul Pagk.

“Pagk’s works look Minimalist, but they are not. Where Minimalism worked with intelligible gestalts, Pagk’s geometry is irreparably unintelligible. His geometrical pieces are the ruins of a gestalt that, like Humpty Dumpty, cannot be put back together again. The lack of connection between them makes for a peculiar esthetic disorientation, but then again his disconnectedness lurches to the autistic side of autistic-contiguous experience, renewing it through the backdoor.” – Donald Kuspit


Interesting posters from Macau-based MO, the studio of Chao Sioleong and Hong Chong Ip.

Nakano Design Office

A very small sampling of the incredible work coming from Nakano Design Office to end the work week right.

Curtis Flanagan

I’m a sucker for a nice annual report, and Curtis Flanagan (a fellow UArts alum and designer at Ideas On Purpose) seems to be cranking them out left and right. Pictured above is work for TB Alliance, Moodys, and an IOP holiday poster.

Les Graphiquants

There is simply too much beautiful work coming from Paris studio Les Graphiquants. A lot of the work reminds me of one of my favorites, Philippe Apeloig. The design of their site is  pretty fantastic, too. It’s unfortunate that I can’t read French.


Some solid work coming from Tabula, a Philadelphia-based studio. And David Wolf (one of the partners) is a fellow UArts alum, so that’s cool, too.

Abigail Reynolds

I would love to see the work of London-based artist Abigail Reynolds in person. Pictured above are pieces from the series “The Universal Now”, which are “relief sculptures using found photographs of the same place taken at different times”.


Very nice work from Barcelona’s TwoPoints.Net.

Jorinde Voigt

While I haven’t yet fully digested the ideas behind the work of Berlin-based artist Jorinde Voigt, I thought I’d go ahead and post her work now anyway, as it’s pretty amazing. (Click the top image for a full view.)

From an article by Hans-Jürgen Hafner:

“…Jorinde Voigt (b. 1977) analyses the medium- specific, i.e. the formal, technical, conceptual and content-related potentials of drawing, which she pushes to their limits: the way in which, seen from afar, the artist’s compositions – from small formats to large-sized strands of paper – appear like swift gestural materialisations of forms, while a closer look reveals the individual strokes to be signs, carefully distributed arrows, oft-repeated words, structuring diagrams, or ordering lists; the way in which each work, behind a rhetoric of draughtsmanship, stages as its actual motif a system (of meaning/ordering) based on a kind of visual grammar of obviously reference-laden symbols. Thus drawing and writing are made to coincide.”

Latest work from so+ba

I’ve been a fan of so+ba since I discovered their work a little over a year ago. Now that they’ve updated their site, it’s nice to know a little more info about them:

“susanna baer and alex sonderegger were born in switzerland. they started their design studio so+ba, in tokyo in 2001. with their experiences in graphic design and advertising in switzerland and japan, as well as a good understanding of the two very different cultures, cross-cultural communication is one of the strength and the focus of so+ba.”

Above is work they did for the Swiss Design Symposium back in November 2010, as well as a couple of posters for Zou-no-Hana, a center for cultural exchange.

New(ish) work from League

I hadn’t checked out League in awhile (view archived post), so it was nice to see all of the great new work in their portfolio.

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